Katie Tomlinson’s works depict bizarre narratives that are a response to the everyday, intended for and about the contemporary, digital and atemporal world. 

Each work is informed by a different real-life encounter; a funny man gardening in his underpants, a weird meme found in the depths of a strangers Instagram feed, two guys loudly discussing the pros of Brexit on a beach in Corfu, doing the cha-cha-slide with two Geordie nans on a DFDS ferry, or that shameful feeling when you’ve been watching  ‘Gavin and Stacey’ for 4 hours and Netflix asks “are you still watching?” 


The works encourage dialogue past the initial one-dimensional narrative and invite discussion about the characters in the paintings. Consequently, contemplating human existence and the superstructures within British society. Questions around power, feminism, sexuality, gender and otherness are predominantly relevant. 


Katie’s practice has been described as “humorous, quirky and kitsch," “a contradicting, yet complimentary, assemblage of styles and technique" and that they “impresses upon the viewer the transformative potential of imagination run riot.”

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Katie Tomlinson graduated with a BFA from Manchester School of Art in 2018. Upon graduating Katie was awarded the Castlefield Gallery Mentee Award. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Happy Ending,’ Bunker Gallery, Manchester, ‘Where are you in these interesting times?’ Air Gallery, Altrincham, ‘Spilling Out,’ Castlefield Gallery at the Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, ‘Middlesbrough Art Weekender,’ Middlesbrough and ‘Where’s your coat you’re going to be cold,’ Caustic Coastal, Salford.

In 2019 Katie was selected to participate in the Artists International Delegation to Denmark with Castlefield Gallery and the Artists Information Company (A-N). She was recently shortlisted for ‘Jerward Collaborate,’ Jerward Arts, London, ‘The Contemporary Young Artist Award,’ Biscuit Factory, Newcastle and ‘Neo: Art Prize,’ Bolton Art Gallery, Bolton.


Katie is currently exhibiting in ‘Ride your Pony’ as part of the Warrington Contemporary until March 2020.

Katie lives and works in Manchester and is currently a studio holder at Paradise Works.  😘