'Elevation. Underground,' Bunker Gallery, 11th January - 9th February 2019

‘Elevation. Underground’ is a show that explores modes of elevation, in an underground gallery space. The show features sculptural works by Bethany Costerd and Paintings by Zac Bradley.

‘Elevation’ has as many physical connotations as it does spiritual, where one can climb, they can also ascend. This dualism reflects tensions between sculpture and painting, sculpture as the physical totem, and painted image, the dream. The works presented are displaced in time. While the sculptural works hint at an early desire to create physical height by building, the painted work attempts to depict future spaces that deal with the construction of a future home.
Underground locations provide a sense of gravity from above, a slight pressing sensation that alludes to higher levels, echoing the flawed rationality of dream space and childhood flights of fancy.

Artists Exhibited:

Bethany Costerd and Zac Bradley