'Adulthood,' Bunker Gallery, 8th November - 15th December 2018

Review by Claire Walker - www.corridor8.co.uk/article/adulthood/

"Land art makes minimal and temporary interventions in the landscape, whilst also bringing organic materials into the gallery space, bringing attention to the natural world and working with it. Artist Rufus Biddle takes this one step further – so rather than just bringing the natural world in to the gallery, he uses organic materials to create an alternate space within the gallery itself. His latest exhibition Adulthood at Bunker Gallery not only transforms the space into a tranquil oasis for contemplation, but also creates a self-portrait of the artist himself. Through minimal sculptural works the exhibition contains interwoven ideas on space and memories, with plants acting as the common thread tying these different ideas together both in context and medium."

Artists Exhibited:

Rufus Biddle